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About Sharon Motel

Welcome to Sharon Motel, a family owned and family operated motel in scenic Wells, Nevada.

Love The Motel Business

My dad, Fred, bought the Sharon Motel in 1998 when he was 67 years old, and finally in March of 2016 he had to retire for health reasons. He loved the motel business, and most importantly, he loved his customers. He has a network of loyal customers from all over the United States and Canada who make it a point to stay at his motel when they come this way, because they love Fred as well as our clean, non-smoking motel. It's a rare day that somebody doesn't ask about Fred.

He lived out the last year of his life in a Senior Living home, the kind where you get pampered and fed all the time, but sadly, he passed in 2017 after a seizure. We miss him greatly, but we have worked hard in this little motel to carry on Fred's legacy of caring for his customers and providing the best place to spend the night in Northeast Nevada.

We look forward to seeing you.
Paul & Anita
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